History of India-Important Points for Exam

               History of India-Important Points for Exam

In this Chapter we will learn very Importan Topics which will help you to remember very easily.If you don't know about Indian History than no need to worry about this.We will guide you very easily and we learn Important topics only those are asked in Exam.

Indus Valley Civilization

1.Dayaram Sahni first discovered Harappa in 1921
2.DR. Bannerjee discovered Mohenjodaro in 1922.
3.Harappan culture belongs to the Bronze age
4.Town planning,measurement system,good drainage system started on this period
5.They worshiped Pipal tree,animals,birds,bull,stone etc.

Vedic Literature


Oldest religious text in the world,contains 1028 Hymns and is divided into10 Mandalas.

2.Sama Veda
It is the collection of Melodies.

3. Yajur Veda
Deals with Sacrifices.
4. Atharva Veda
Deals with Magic 

5.The Upanishads
They are the main source of Indian Philosophy,108 in numbers


Mahabharata: Written in Sanskrit by Ved Vyas.Translated into Persian is called Rajm Nama done by Badayuni.

Ramayana:Written by Valmiki in sanskrit.It was 24000 sloks,alo known as Aadi -kavya.Ramcharitmanas is written by Tulsi Das.


LORD BUDDHA(Most Important)

1.Attained "Enlightment" at age 35 Gaya in Magadha,Bihar under the 
Pipal tree

2.Delivered the first semron at Sarnath  his first Semron also called Dharmachakrapravartan.
3.Attained Mahaparinirvana(Dead) at Kushinagar,UP at the age of 80.

These four buddhas council are most important for any exam.

History of India-Important Points for Exam

In next chapter we will discussed next important topic Magadha Empire than Gupta period.