Indian Constitution Borrowed Sources from Other Country

Indian Constitution Borrowed Sources from Other Country

Indian Constitution Borrowed Sources from Other Country

India’s constitution has borrowed sources from other countries from the United States (fundamental rights), Ireland (directive principles), the Soviet Union (fundamental duties), France (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity), Japan (procedure established by law), Canada ( power allocation and state and central governments), Germany (suspension of rights during emergencies), Britain (rule of law) and so on and so forth.

Taken From USA

Important Questions are marked by tripple star(***)

Fundamental Rites-USA(***)
Written Constitution-USA
Vice-President Concept-USA
Supreme Court-USA
Provision of State-USA

Taken From UK(Britain)

Lower house(lok sabha)-UK
Speaker in Lok Sabha-UK
Single Citizenship-UK

Fundamental Duties-USSR(Russia) (***)
Five years Plane-USSR(***)

Emergency Provision-Germany
Concurrent List-Australia
Procedure of Constitutional Amandment-South Africa.

Some Extra Questions from Polity those asked in Exam

At the time of Starting Our Constitution

Total No's of Articles-395

But Now

Total Articles-448

Some Most Important Topic

To be Eligible For a President

1.Must be a Citizen of India
2.Completed 35 years in age
3.Eligible to be a member of Lok Sabha
4.Must not hold any Government Post
5.Takes OATH in Presence of Chief Justice of India.

Lok Sabha

1.Total Number of Member-550+2 nominated member(530  member from states and 20 from union territory states)
2.The Normal tenure of Lok Sabha is five years.
3.Completed 25 years to become a member

Rajya Sabha

1. Total Member 250
[Out of these,president nominated 12 amongst persons having special knowledge or practical experience in the field of literature,science,art and social service]

2.Rajya Sabha MPs are elected for a term of 6 years,as 1/3 rd members retire every 2 years.

3.Vice-President is the ex-officio chairman of Rajya Sabha.

4.In Rajya Sabha any bill can originate,apart from money bill

More Questions

 Indian Constitution Borrowed Sources from Other Country

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