Indian History-Magadha Empire

                       Indian History-Magadha Empire

Indian History-Magadha Empire

Complete Myagadha Empire covered under 7 Dynasty.We will covered all of the Dynasty in this chapter.we will discussed only important points those frequently asked in the exam.

1.Haryanka Dynasty

Originally founded in 566 BC by the grand father of Bimbisara named Brihdartha but actually founded by Bimbisara.
Bimbisara :Ajatshatru son of Bimbisara,killed his father and seized the throne.
Udayin founded the new capital at Patliputra,situated at the confluence of the Ganga and Son.

2.Shishunaga Dynasty

Founded by Shishunaga.He is succeeded by Kalashok,in his reign 2nd Buddhist Council held.

3.Nanda Dynasty

Founder was Mahapadma Nanda. Alexander attacked India in their reign in 326 BC. Dhana Nanda was there at that time.

4. The Mauryan Dynasty  

Chandragupta Maurya;

Indian History-Magadha Empire
With the help of Chanakya,known as Kautilya or Vishnugupta,he overthrew the Nandas and established therule of the Maurya Dynasty.
He defeated Selucus Necator in 305 BC. A greek Ambassador Megasthenes visited his Court and finally Megasthenes wrote the book INDICA.


Chandragupta was succeeded by his son Bindusara in 297 BC.

Ashoka(son of Bindusara)

Indian History-Magadha EmpireIndian History-Magadha Empire

Regarded as the one of the greatest kings of all times.There are 14 majar rock edict inscription17 minor rock edict and 12 pillar edict inscriptions.The Kalinga War 261 BC change his attitude towards life and he become a buddhist.He built Sanchi Stupa .

Remaining Dynasty 
5.Shunga Dynasty
6.Kanav Dynasty
7.Satvahana Dynasty

These last there Dynasties are not important in the exam point of view.Remember only name of last Dynasty because sometimes it may asked what is the name of last Magadha Dynasty?

Guys in this topic you always remember  the facts about the Chandragupta Maurya,Ashoka
and first and last dynasty of Magadha Empire.

Indian History-Magadha Empire


First ruller of Mauryan Dynasty-Chandragupta Maurya.
Who wrote Indica-Megasthenes
Father of Ashoka-Bimbisara.
who killed Bimbisara-Ajatshatru son of Bimbisara killed his own father to get the Throne.
First Dynasty of Magadha Empire-Haryanka Dynasty.

In next Topic we will disscussed about the Golden time of India Gupta Dynasty which is very important part of an Ancient Dynasty.

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