Medieval History Part 1 only Trick

                 Medieval History Part 1 only Trick

Medieval History Part 1 only Trick

Medieval History

kisoman Question Saiso moi eyate Olop Trick di diso moi Karon Sob monot raka khombob nohoi sobor karone...Mor website ot Sob trick dim short trick but Time mor bohut kom Dutyt thaki thaki aibor di aso moi...Plz Co-operate

Trick1(Try to catch up the trick)


S-Shah Jahan(1627-1658)
B-Bahadur shah

Trick 2

Babur is the Father of Humayun
Humayun is the Father of Akbar
Agbar is the father of Jahangir
Jahangir is the father of Shah jahan
Shah jahan is the father of Aurangzab
Aurangzab is the father of Bahadur Shah

Trick 3

Babar nama written by  Babur himself it is also called Tujuk-E -Babri

Humayun Nama written By his sister Gul-Badan Begum

Akbar nama  also called Ain-i-akbari written by Abul Fazl (One of Akbar's Court or He is one of the writter of Navaratna)

Akbar's 9 gems or Navaratna

1.Abul Fazal-Great writter
3.Miyan Tansen-Court Musician
4.Raja Birbal-Poet,Administrator Minister
5.Raja Todar mal-Finance Minister
6.Raja Man Singh-Trusted General in Akbar's Army
7.Abdul Rahim Khan
8.Fakir Aziao-Din
9.Mirza Aziz Koka

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Medieval History Part 1 only Trick