Mugal Empire Important Wars and Facts

                                                 Mugal Empire Part-2

Mugal Empire Important Wars



Important Wars


Battle of Panipat (1526)-Ibrahim Lodhi Vs Babur-Babur won in this war.

Battle of Khanwa (1527)-Rana Sanga Vs Babur-Babur won in war

Chanderi Battle(1528)-Medini Rai Vs Bbur-Babur won.


Battle of Chosa(1539)-Sher Shah Vs Humayun-Sher Shah won 

Battle of Kanuj(1540)-Sher Shah Suri Vs Humayun-Sher Shah Suri won.


1. 2nd Battle of Panipat(1556)-Hemu Vs Beram Khan(Beram khan is the head of Akbar's Army and He won the battle)

2. Battle of Haldighati(1576)-Akbar Vs Rana Pratap-Akbar won the battle.

Important Facts of Mugal Empire( Mostly Asked in Exam)

1.Akbar born in Amarkot(Pakistan)
2.Akbar makes religion whis is adopted by Birbal-a. Din-i-ilahi     b.Tauhid-i-ilahi
3.Famous Court poet of Akbar-Tulsi Das.

Important Creation By Akbar

2.Buland Darbaja-fatepur sikri(Aurangabad)
3.Fort of Agra.
4.Tomb of Humayun.
5.Raja Birbal-Another name is Mahesh Das-Tittle Birbal was given by Akbar.
6.Akbar Burried in Agra(Called Akbar tomb).


1. Married to Noorjahan-another old name is Meherunisa-Also called Badsha-E-Begum.
2.Jahangir Nama written by Jahangir.
3.Burried in Lahore.

1. Introduction of Prohibition.
2.Salimar and Nishat Garden made by Jahangir.
3.His Teachar-Abul Rihan.(Son of Bairam khan)
4.5th Sikh guru Arjun Dev was hanged on his order.
5.Captain Howkins and Sir Thomas Roe Visited in his Court.


1.Other name-Khurram.
2.His wife Mamtaz-Mamtaz name given by shahajahan.
3.Burried Both in Tajmahal.
5.Last Battle-Samugarh(Between Darashiko Vs Aurangzeb)
6.This time in indin history called Golden age/period.
7.Last few years of his life was very painful,because he was loocked in Jail of Agra fort  by his Son Aurangzeb.
8.Died in jail in the year of 1666.


1.Moti Masjid.
2.Jama Masjid.
3.Red Fort.
4.Lahore fort.


2.1st wife-Rabia Bibi.
3.9th Sikh Guru  Guru Tegh Bahadur killed by him,Because he was not accepted Islam.
4.Bibi Ka Makbara made by his son Azam-shah.
5.Jazia Tax Re Introduced by him.This is one type of text taken from poorer people.
6.Sati System-Banned by him.It means one Man can merry more than one women.
7.Hindu festival and hindu temple banned by him on his time.
8.Tuladan ystem banned by him.

Bahadur shah Zafar-II

He is the last ruller of Mugal kingdom.

Guys these things is very important for any exam if you remember than you will get full mark from medieval history.If you have any doubt than you can asked me.