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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Railway Group D/Loco Pilot Physics Series-1

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Railway Group D/Loco Pilot Physics Series-1

Railway Group D/Loco Pilot Physics Series-1

 In this Topic we will discussed Railway Group D/Loco Pilot Physics Series-1.In Railway Group D/Loco Pilot Physics  Part  there will be highest mark in compare to other you will faced 30 Questions.And these are very easy if you learn Regularly.

Physics Syllebus for Railway Group D/Loco Pilot Physics.

1.Units(Dimentional Formula)
3.Motion(Newton's Law)

2.Surface Tention
5.Wave and sound
6.Basic Light(Reflection,Refraction,Defraction,Scattering etc.)

We will Discussed Easy topics which can answered easily.Lets get started

1.Ratio of Momentum and viscosity is known as

2.Multification of force and time is called-Impulse

3.CGS unit of force-Dyne

4.When a lift moving upward actual weight will be as compare to real weight-More.

5.Projection of Rocket works on the principle of-Momentum conservation.

6.Constant Motion of an object can have-acceleration.

7.Hunting due to-Reaction

8.First law of motion gives the defination of-Inertia.

9.Energy of wind is-Only kinetic

10.weight of am object depends on-Mass and gravitational acceleration.

11.Moving from earth to Moon in which property of object will changed-weight.

12.Mass of object in earth is 60kg then what be in Moon-60 kg.

13.If weight of any object in earth is 60kg find the weight in moon-10kg

14.Cusec is the unit of-Flow rate.

15.Heighest unit of distance measurement-Persec.

16.Dobson unit used in measuring-Width of Ozone Layer

17.Pytometer is used to measured-High temperature.

18.Measuring of Energy Conservation is-Energy can not be formed and destroyed.

19.Instrument Used to measure the height of Plane-Altimeter.

20.Instrument used to measure  the atmospheric Pressure-Barometer.

21.Heat radiation is measure by-Balometer.

22.Growth of plant is measure by-Crescograph.

23.Radiation in radioactive sourc is measure by-Geiger muller counter.

24.Speed of rotating motion is measure by-Gyrometer.

25.Speed of flow of liquid is measure by-venturimeter.

Some screen shoot very Important For Railway...

Railway Group D/Loco Pilot Physics Series-1

Railway Group D/Loco Pilot Physics Series-1

Railway Group D/Loco Pilot Physics Series-1

Railway Group D/Loco Pilot Physics Series-1

If You want Complete Physics hand made note than comment here we will upload more screenshoot for you.These are best notes for any RRB physics Part.

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